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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Barcelona Bliss

You know you're on holiday when the plane lands and the passengers clap. Either that or you've just experienced a rather bumpy flight. Lucky for me that wasn't the case.

From the moment I arrived in Barcelona, I loved it. Dare I say it but I think I liked it more than Paris (shock I know)! Maybe it was that I had no idea on what to expect or maybe it was the culture shock. But to me, Barcelona was so incredibly edgy and for lack of a better word- 'cool' that I could not help but want to get swept away in it. The city was full of life, laughter and incredible food. 

Right here come my infamous travel tips for anyone planning a trip to Barcelona...

1. Firstly, stay at  Casa Gracia. I cannot stress enough how amazing this hostel was compared to the first one Amanda and I stayed at. Casa Gracia is located on Passeig de GrĂ cia which is right in the crux of Barcelona. You have shops, tapas and all night street entertainment on your doorstep. More importantly, unlike the several other hostels that we looked at, Casa Gracia had air conditioning- which helps in 30 degree heat. Although Casa Gracia is a bit more expensive than your average backpackers ($38 NZD a night for a 6 bed share), it makes up for it with its free breakfast, clean and beautiful rooms and of course its location.

2. Be prepared for heat. Particularly if you are travelling between May-August. Heat rash is not a laughing matter, nor is hideous sunburn after an hour on the beach. It is smoking hot in Barcelona.

3.  One thing that Amanda and I noticed about Barcelona was the extremely late night life. I mean maybe I am getting old but seriously, people disappear between the hours of 2pm-2am and then all of a sudden the city becomes alive. But never fear, do what we did- stock up on some Spanish energy drinks and then you might even end up on a train to Pamplona.....

One bar I would recommend is Espito Chupitos. This place is dangerous. Two euro shots- I'll leave it at that. Though promise me, if you go, you must order a boy scout shot. It involves fire and a marshmallow... need I say more. 

4. Be a tourist and visit all of the infamous Gaudi buildings. My favourite by a running mile was Park Gruell. I'll let the photos do the speaking. It was absolutely breath taking.

la sacre famille

5. Tapas tapas tapas. Try them them all and be brave. you will not be disappointed.

More  to follow....