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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

Sitting here tonight and looking through my blog, I realised that I began writing my blog about this time last year. I cannot help but reminisce on my earlier entries. I can still remember the anticipation and nerves I had all the way back then. I really had no idea what I was in for, everything was so uncertain. 

As I read through my old entries, I stumbled across my 2012 New Year resolutions and could not help but laugh. You see after years of failing my standard ones, the one year that I decide to uproot my life, leave my job and move to a new country, all of the sudden, my life begins to fall into place.  Here, take a look:

I won't burden you with the highs and lows of 2011 but with such an exciting and nerve racking year ahead of me, I was eager to tell anyone who would listen, my goals and plans for 2012. I mean, they sure beat my normal annual goals (lose weight, meet the love of my life, stop drinking so much, pay off my credit card)... No- not this time. My goals are all to do with visiting as many countries as I can, to find the best espresso in Europe, to trace  my Irish heritage (turns out I have relatives in Waterford)  and ..well.. I suppose the other goals wouldn't go totally amiss.

I think I have done pretty well with my resolutions, but there is always room for improvement. I must go to Ireland this year, I must continue to travel and I must find the best espresso in Europe. 

Apart from that, I am pretty happy. More than that. I am ecstatic.  If only I had known back then that I was about to tick off one long standing resolution in London. It was almost as though it had been waiting for me this whole time.

Anyway, enough reflection, it is time to look ahead! Time to get my wallet out and start planning my next trip. Did some one say Morocco? 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tis the season

I have never seen a city come to life like London in Christmas.

I have to admit, I was weary at first as to how I would feel spending Christmas in the cold without my family.. I mean last Christmas, I sat outside in the glaring sun, with a big sun hat, my favourite sun dress and a glass of cool crisp champagne in my hand (well I guess that last thing made its way to London).

This year, I watched as London transformed itself in to (and quite literally) a winter wonderland.

As the big day arrived, I was pleased to see that Santa had received my forwarding address (thanks mum) and I would not be without presents on the day. Luckily for me, I was invited to spend Christmas with my British family; Jamie Oliver Anthony and his mum. This was to be like no other Christmas.... Not with Chef Anthony in charge...

As acting sous chef, I was in charge of nibbles and dessert, both of which went down a treat if I may say so my self.

 The food was absolutely incredible. I had my first yorkshire pudding and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The mulled wine was flowing all day and when that ran out, the bubbles were cracked open. It truly was a special day which could have only been made better if I had been able to magically transport my family over. A girl can dream right? Still, I cannot complain. I was treated with amazing food, wine and of course, company.

The days flew between Christmas and New Year and suddenly 2013 was on my doorstep. As I welcomed 2013 into my life with friends, I could not help but wonder how 2013 could possibly match up to 2012. To me, 2013 is going to be a unpredictable and challenging year, for I now know how quickly my trip in London is going by and how very soon, 2014 will be trying to sneak into my life.  This time next year, I may be getting ready to pack my bag and starting a new adventure. I secretly hope not. Still, as always, I leave it to fate. 

My New Years kiss!

For now I make the following resolutions.

To travel through Europe as much as I can 
To continue to meet new people
To enjoy every second of London (not so tough) 

To work out how I can stay. 14 months... not that I am counting

Happy New Year to all!!