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Monday, 25 February 2013

Buon Giorno Venezia

I think it is every girl's dream to go to Venice. Coming from a country that boasts 4 million people and is stuck in the middle of nowhere, it has certainly been mine.

After taking some time off travelling to hibernate for the winter, It dawned on me a few weeks ago, that my travel blog had become thin, and my travel adventures -non existent. After enduring yet another stressful day at work and looking out the window to see even more doom and gloom, I decided that I had had enough and that it was time to get out. I mean, do not get me wrong. I love London to bits, but frankly, she has been getting on my nerves lately and I needed a weekend away.

Enter Venezia.....

Packing my favourite things, I boarded a Ryan Air flight and jetted off without a second glance. Two hours later, I was not only in a different country, I was in a different world. And I was being seduced by this new world. Falling fast. 

This was a world where people would begin their day with a spiritz aperol (a delicious cocktail and a must have if in Italy) and end it with fresh pasta and seafood. A city floating on water and surrounded by history. 

Without harping on too much, I will say the following. Venice is more than you can imagine and it is quite possibly the most beautiful city in the world. It is full of life and rich culture and the food is divine. Here are a few tips and recommendations to help those who want it, if planning a weekend away and an escape from reality....

1. Accommodation.

We stayed at the Domina Home in Guidecca. Guidecca is literally opposite Saint Marcos Square across the Grand Canal and I for one thought it was a great location. Beautiful views and friendly staff. Affordable accommodation with free breakfast to start your day!

2. Pizza

Go to Conca D'oro- Quite possibly the best pizza in the world. Well worth a taste if you can find it. Ask for Max...

3. Meatballs

I know this seems strange, but people literally cannot get enough of these meatballs served at the trendy Alla Vedova. After reading about them, Anthony and I were only to eager to see what all the fuss was about. We were not disappointed. Delicious. 

4. Try a spritz aperol (or two)

These drinks are addictive! After a solid morning of seeing the sights, Anthony and I cooled off with a spritz aperol at both  Naranzaria and Bancogiro. Both are very cool and slightly hidden away bars, perfect for an afternoon refreshment.

5. Gelato gelato gelato!

It is safe to say that I ate my weight in gelato. At one point I lost count of exactly how many scoops of the stuff I had devoured. It was a lot. However, it led me to find the greatest gelato of all time at a little place called Alaska. A man called Carlo owns the joint and true to form, he is a friendly man who is only too eager to recommend a flavour of his exotic gelato.

6. Travel card (youth card)

One handy tip I picked up before travelling to Venice was that if you are under 29, you can save a great deal of money on travel by buying a youth card and then buying a travel card. Honestly, this saved us 15 quid each and was well worth it. Simply go in to any ticket office and ask the person behind the desk about the youth card. Although it costs 4 euro to purchase, you more than get your money back- particularly with how expensive it is to get around.

I have realised as I have  come to the end of my list, that I have only really talked about food, alcohol and gelato. Of course it goes without saying that Venice has a lot more to offer in terms of history and sights. However, Anthony and I really did not have a plan when we landed in Venice and instead, we spent 48 hours literally walking from one end to the other, and back again.

 I finally got  lost in Europe and would not have had it any other way.