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Sunday, 7 October 2012

London 101

After spending the majority of my time out of the great city of London, it suddenly dawned on me that with work and travelling, I had dropped the ball so to speak and had been neglecting the very city that I had travelled 28 hours to see.

After voicing my concerns to numerous friends (one in particular), I awoke one Saturday morning to be told that I was in for a treat. 

For one entire day, I got to act as a tourist. I was whisked away in to central London, before being told that I would be going on the London Eye. 

Now, I have wanted to do the London Eye since I first caught it looking at me over the river. Finally I got my chance.

Partner in crime and (tour guide)

The view was spectacular. Being suspended in the air, with only a bit of glass between us, I got to truly look London in the eye.  It was only from the top that I realised just how big London as a city is and just how much of it I am yet to visit. It is exciting to know that I have only really scratched the surface of London and still have so much to see and do.

After getting a full view of London, I was then led to the Aquarium to take a bit of time out from  the hustle and bustle of London and take a swim with the fishes. Although I don't usually talk about it, certainly not outloud, I am a bit of a geek when it comes to  fishes and so for me, this was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. The Aquarium is located right by the London Eye, and in risk of sounding like a travel guide myself, it is definitely worth a look in.

Although I enjoyed the Aquarium, after a few hours I was ready to resurface. But my handsome tour guide had one more surprise up his endlessly long sleeve. A boat tour. Now for those of you who know me, know I LOVE boats. Something about being on the water really relaxes me and I find myself acting like a young child who has never been on the water. I absolutely love it.

Lucky for me, this was during the Olympic period and London had never looked better. She was looking mighty fine that day. 

Of course, no tourist would be satisfied without visiting Buckingham Palace and dropping in for a cup of tea with the Queen. Sadly, she was not there when I stopped in, however it was still a site that had to be seen.

For anyone who comes to London (and rumour has it there are a few of you..), don't forget London amongst your travels. Take the time to look around and be a tourist. One of my biggest regrets after moving to this fabulous city was that I got a job within two days and never took the time to truly enjoy it. It is only now, six months later, that I have incredible people in my life who are willing to take the time to show me their favourite parts of London and do the touristy things with me.

She is a beautiful city and deserves to be given your time, so that you too can see why I constantly harp on about this incredible place. 

Thanks for the tour s.p !