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Monday, 19 December 2011

London's Calling

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to travel. As a child, my imagination was fuelled with stories of great journeys and conquests. Spanning from Ancient Greece to India, I wanted to see it all. I use to sit in my Grandfather's library as he poured me a shandy and be absolutely mesmerised as he showed me on his wall map of where he had been, or perhaps more accurately, where he had not.  My Mother clearly inherited my Grandfather's love of travel and I was lucky enough to be told bedtime stories of her adventures and the 'time she slept on a beach in Israel.' I knew from a young age that I wanted and needed to see the world and all of the mysteries it had to offer!

Although I have done a bit of travelling before, it has taken me 24 years to pluck up the (dutch) courage to book a one way ticket and finally begin my adventure Hans-solo. I leave 2 March 2012. That is in 73 days to be exact. All of a sudden, I am two and a half months out and I am excited/anxious and ready to get going. I fly to America on 2 March for two weeks and then on to the United Kingdom. I have always wanted to go to America ( I mean who hasn't) and I am unbelievably overwhelmed with anticipation of visiting New York, New Orleans, Washington DC and dun dun dun Las Vegas! I am meeting up with three of my closest allies in America and I have no doubt of the craziness that is in store come March.

I have always been fascinated with New York (Sex and the City anyone?) and to be honest I still cannot believe I am going. In no time I shall be sitting in a quaint but trendy bar, sipping on my cosmopolitan, dressed to the nines. It was what I was born to do.

Now that my quick introduction is over, I would like to start by expressing my intentions and hopes for this blog. Pure entertainment and maybe of some help in guiding future travellers? Probably on what not to do ....ha. I hope that this blog allows you to laugh with (at?) me and share this pretty crazy journey that I am about to take. I also want it to be helpful though as I have really struggled in the last few months in trying to sort accommodation, visas, transport etc. So if this helps any future travellers and by some miracle you find my travelling stories funny (if only for a fleeting minute) then this blog has been a success! 

I welcome feedback and interaction so feel free to tell me if this blog is going south or if you have anything to add! 


  1. Yah! I am the first to comment! This is all so exciting, my plan is to head over by early September via Prague and Hanover for some conferences..... just have to save....

  2. Cool!!! Well you will have to keep me up to date with your plans so we can meet up. coffee in Prague perhaps??? :)

  3. Yay, Laurs! You were born to travel. as for the heels, a wise woman once told me, "the higher, the better." Look out world!