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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Où est La Tour Eiffel ?

Amis et famille. Mes excuses les plus sincères! Encore une fois, la vie m'a permis de rester extrêmement occupé et mon blog a subi à la suite. Pardonnez-moi. Je wil s'efforcera de vous tenir à jour plus régulièrement à partir de maintenant. Promesse.

Friends and family! My apologies for the delay in updating my blog. I won't trouble you with excuses- this time, I admit, I've just been slack.  I am in the full swing of London life and it is hard to believe that two months a go, I arrived here. It feels like I have been here a lot longer. I've been settled in to my flat now for over a month and I've been working full time for six and a half weeks. Life is busy, but good. I am off to Edinburgh (again) on Monday for work and I can't wait.

As some of you may be aware, last weekend (or maybe the weekend before) I was lucky enough to head to the land of frog legs, the chic capital of the world- Paris. It is just as magical as I remember it being when I last visited over six years ago. You know, it is funny to think that all of those years ago, I made a pact to return to Paris in two years time. Although it took six years to get back there, I still felt that same feeling that I did when I first landed in Paris as an 18 year old.  Walking under the Eiffel Tower at night,  I just kept thinking to myself, how lucky I was to actually be in Paris and experience first hand what I had only ever read about in books and seen on t.v.

I don't know what it is that makes Paris so special to me, but I am yet to go to another country that truly makes me feel the way that Paris does. 

Fascinating. Elegant. Historic. Sophisticated. Stylish. Memorable. J'adore Paris.

Breakfast at our hotel!

C'est magnifique!

The O'Sullivan's are taking over

Truly spectacular

Paris is truly one of the most sophisticated cities that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting and I do not think you can find another place in the world that can compare.

Right but enough about that, in other news........

As I mentioned above, my life has become incredibly hectic recently, particularly with my job being quite demanding. I am often flown around the United Kingdom at a minutes notice, which fortunately for me- I love. However, like all things, it comes at a price and that is that I am quite often out of London and pretty shattered during the week. Still, I can't complain.

This weekend, I had a rare opportunity to just relax in London and blow me down, Summer decided to show up- fashionably late of course. I for one could not be happier. Out came the fake tan, jump suit and the sundresses that have been tucked away at the back of my closest, replaced with my winter coat and tights.

This weekend, I managed to soak up a bit of sun and have some much needed R&R. I watched a bit of Jamie Oliver and then even got in the kitchen (with the help of a friend) and popped out this baby! Leith- I hope you are impressed.


Very happy

To all of those back at home that haven't given up on my blog, I am still living the 'London dream' and can say that right at this moment, I am pretty content. Already this trip has been pretty life changing and so much more that I could have ever expected. It has had its tough moments and I have no doubt that it will continue to have them, but I still get that adrenline rush every so often when I realise where I am and what I have accomplished.

I don't know what I expected it to be like over here when I booked my ticket all that time ago, but I can tell you now, I never ever thought that two months in to it, I would be settling and truly making a life here. I feel as though I have been in London forever and that this is my new home.

(Don't you love my little sentimental blurbs at the end of each blog! )

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