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Monday, 30 April 2012

Taj Ma Brighton

Ever since I set foot in London, I have been itching to get out and see a bit more of England and the United Kingdom in general. It's not as though I don't like London, it's just, that.. I know that there is so much more to England. Enter Brighton.

Brighton's reputation as a free living hippie town has surprisingly made it all the way back to New Zealand. I had always planned to visit Brighton and frankly I am so glad that I've managed to squeeze it in in my first month. Already I cannot wait to return. For those reading this back home, Brighton is like Whangamata. It is laid back, quirky and it has a certain charm that you just can't help but fall in love with.

For only thirty pounds (return), you can catch the train from Victoria right after work and be in Brighton within the hour.  Within two, you can be sitting on the (pebble) beach, beer in hand, eating fish and chips and staring out in to the sea.  Utter bliss.

With my bags packed, I said goodbye to London for 48 hours and headed to the shores of Brighton.  After stuffing my face fill of food (and beer), I absolutely crashed to the sounds of waves and had a proper sleep. No London traffic/noises to be heard....

I awoke early on Saturday and with a hiss and a roar, I was off to explore the sites. But before getting in to it, I needed to refuel- Brighton styles. Don't judge. I told you- It had been a rough week all right?

Tummy full, I was on my way to explore! I headed to 'the lanes' where I managed to find the best lollie shop EVER, the coolest little antique shop and the yummiest cupcakes. See below.


Going for a ride..

Best fish n chips. Seriously a.m.a.z.i.n.g

As I wandered through the lanes, I stumbled across a cupcake shop and of course, I had to go in. I stood no chance in just merely walking by. I was not disappointed- Brighton knows how to bake. No pun intended.

The next day, I wandered around Brighton, headed to the Pier and sat on the beach. It's funny because as I sat there gazing out in to the ocean, I couldn't help but be reminded of home. Though, instead of feeling sad or home sick- I felt a sort of connection- that in a way, I was home. It was nice. 

All in all Brighton is a special little gem and a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of London. The time I spent there flew and I really felt as though I had had a good break.  Already I am planning to go back, when the weather has settled a bit more- so I can conquer the sea and have a swim!

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