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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

These are a few of my favourite things...

Ten things I miss
most about New Zealand

10. Squiggles. Possibly the best biscuit that I have ever come across. McVitie's Digestives- you come close, but no cigar. 

9. Good coffee. They don't have long blacks in London. There is nothing more to say.

8. Sheep. Hey- I'm feeling a bit home sick- okay?

7. Shapes. Yum.

6. Coromandel Beach. Utter bliss.

5. Pies. Not cornish pasties. Pies.

4. A quiet street. Seems silly, but you do not have the luxury to stroll along the path, taking your time and taking up space. It can be quite chaotic. People here barge. 

3. Dotti. My bank balance despised you.

2. Friends. Yes I miss you all. A lot. A drink (or two) is just not the same without you.

1. Family. Who would've thought? (Just kidding mum).

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