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Monday, 12 March 2012

My goodness is that the White House?

After our night of debauchery with the D.C kids, we were up bright eyed, bushy tailed (ha) and ready to explore the city. George had planned our day of sight-seeing and in true George style, it was absolutely jammed packed with touristy activities to do.  No rest for the wicked.
We walked all over the city from the moment we got up until the moment we crashed in to bed that night.  We ended up in Chinatown and oddly enough- at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. After that though, it was straight to bed. All in all we walked over 10 kilometres in our mission to see every part of Washington D.C in the day we had left.
I think that it is easier for me to post pictures of Washington D.C than try to explain to you what it was like. My writing ability is just not good enough to describe it. I maintain that it is the best place that I have ever visited and if any of you come over to America, wherever you go, you must go to Washington D.C- If only for a day.  The highlight for me was sitting on the stairs of the Library of Congress and realising where I was.  It was absolutely mesmerising. The Arlington National Cemetery was also special and affected me more than I thought it would. Looking at the graves of JFK and his family members was a sombre experience.  
Anyway – that is my spiel on the place. It is too hard to explain. I hope the pictures tell their story and show you what I saw in Washington D.C.  Please feel free to post if you have any questions.

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