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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Picture book

French Quarter

St Louis Church

Garden District

French Quarter

Garden District

Self explanatory

Our favourite bar- Cafe Beignet

Garden District

Jackson Square getting some rays

Lafette Cemetery

As a final note before closing the chapter on New Orleans (which I am finding incredibly hard to do), I should mention the Ghost Tour that we took on our final night. Now I know what you're thinking- tourist trap/waste of money. Wrong. We went on a tour called 'Haunted History Tours' which started at 6 pm (dawn) and finished just before 8 pm.

 For $20.00 a person, it was well worth the money as the tour showed you all around New Orleans and the history behind the town and certain people/buildings. The ghost element was actually very small. The tour guide chose to let you make your own conclusions based on the stories/history he gave you. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it, if for nothing else but to get your bearings and see the real New Orleans.

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