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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Take off !

Three, two, one, take off!

Jet lag water (apparently prevents jet lag).

After a 12 hour flight, eight hour layover and then a three hour flight, I have arrived in New Orleans.

To all those wondering how I handled the flight- it was actually okay. In fact, I would almost go as far to say that I kind of enjoyed it. Amanda and I spent the majority of the time eating, drinking, laughing (from all the drinking) and sleeping. Mum- I didn't even need my pills! That is how good it actually went.

After my flight, I was reunited with my partner in crime, travel - my cousin George. We were both excited yet exhausted from our respective journeys. George actually had a harder time than I did as her flight had been from New Zealand, to Australia and then on to Los Angeles. George informed me at the airport that she had experienced 6 am on 2 March three times that day already.  All up, George ended up travelling for 30 hours compared to my 20.

After an hour or so at LAX, my friend Nicole came to meet with us, to fly on to New Orleans.  You can imagine how excited we were at this point as Nicole and I are old high school friends who haven't seen eachother in over a year.

We had some significant time to kill at LAX whilst waiting for our flight to New Orleans so naturally we found the closest bar/diner and begged the waitress to let us order from the lunch menu- given that we had all been up for such a long time and the idea of eating yet another breakfast seemed all too depressing.

Lucky for us, we found Route 66 and ordered nachos for brekkie. This was my first experience with yellow cheese.

Time began to fly and suddenly it was then time to board our flight to New Orleans. With my new found courage, I happily got on board the plane and I was so excited that I fought the urge to sleep and had my face stuck to the window. I had no idea on what to expect and I just couldn't wait to get out on to land and begin my adventure in New Orleans.

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