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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New York New York

After such a hectic first day in the big smoke, we were all keen to take our time on Saturday and truly enjoy and absorb everything that New York had to offer. We started our day with our usual coffee bagel combo and then caught our first ever subway down to the World Trade Centre Memorial. As a political student and a person who has always been interested in history, I really wanted to do the World Trade Centre Memorial, given that I had learnt so much about it in school. Ironically, Nicole and I were together in class, in our first year of High School when the terrorist attacks occurred. It seemed only fitting that over ten years later, we would be visiting the memorial together.

I don't have any pictures from my morning at the memorial. It just didn't feel right to me. I still remember hearing about the attacks on the early morning news all those years ago and watching our teacher cry as she attempted to explain to a bunch of thirteen year olds, what had happened. As I have got older, the reality of what happened that day has only gotten stronger and even though I knew noone affected, I feel a great deal of grief for those who died that day.

Anyway, enough said. I would once again recommend visiting the memorial if you have the chance and it is your cup of tea. It is free admission, you simply have to book online in advance.

After we visited the World Trade Centre and shared our memories on the event, we headed on our way in search of the Wall Street Bull. Spectacular.

After our early morning sight-seeing duties were complete, we decided to take a well deserved break and head to the East Village to grab a bite to eat. But not just any bite. We were off to Kat'z Deli where the infamous Harry met Sally for lunch (google it).

Not just a random photo. I was trying to get the location of Kat'z Deli.


Well fed, it was time to get a drink at a bar that had been recommended to me by a good friend. It was called National Underground and was conveniently located right down the road from Kat'z Deli. It proved to be a worthy recommendation and we would have stayed there longer if we hadn't had tickets to my FIRST EVER BROADWAY SHOW !!

Yes. That's right. I made it to Broadway. I mean sure It wasn't me performing, but I got to see a real live show. We went to 'Rent' and it was fabulous. Word of wisdom, you can buy cheaper tickets at the TKTS stalls located in Times Square and Seaport. You literally turn up on the day and you can get tickets for a heavily discounted price. Just saying.

It was a great day finished off with an incredible evening. Again, no photos I'm afraid. Rules are rules.

Day three continues tomorrow.....

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