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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

These vagabond shoes...

After our late night antics on Broadway, we started our Sunday slow and took our time drinking our coffee and eating our breakfast.  Next stop on the agenda- Central Park.  Armed with hot dogs, we headed on our way.

Biggest hotdog ever! Beware of the Italian sausage

I know I tend to use the same expressions and words to describe certain events in New York. Central  Park will be  no exception. I do not know honestly how to put in to words the feeling of wandering around the park aimlessly on a warm Sunday morning. Picture this. The sun is out, families are walking through the park, horses and carriages are flowing through and I have a snow cone in my hand which is dripping down my sleeve as I eagerly try to eat it before it melts.  It is quiet in the park, except for the occasional laugh or squeal of a child playing. Couples old and young walk hand in hand through the park sharing only a smile. The tone in Central Park is quiet and relaxed and for a moment, you forget that you are in the middle of New York City.

Introducing Miss Eckhoff- our feature Central Park model

After absorbing Central Park and breathing in the fresh air, Sarah, George and I wandered down to the ice skating rink located in the crux of Central Park and went for a skate. Unbelievable. As I skated around (nervously at first), I honestly had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. I mean who gets to ice skate in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon? Movie stars? I never ever thought that I would actually get to do such a thing and once again, to fulfil a dream (even a small one like that) just goes to show that anything is possible. Right I know I am sounding a tad over the top and maybe it's the jet lag. But as I sit here and remember the feelings that I felt in Central Park, it takes me right back to that first moment of getting on the ice and realising that if nothing else in my life went to plan, at least I'd made it there. And at least I had done something that I had always wanted to do.

Mum can you see me?!

We stayed in Central Park for the duration of the day. It was just too difficult to leave knowing that there was a possibility that we would never return. Had I thought for a second that I would not be coming back to Central Park, I can tell you right now, I would have never left.

Gosh I hope I have inspired a couple of you to book a ticket to New York for Central Park alone. I am getting excited just writing about it and crave the day that I have the luxury to spend another full day there.  Beautiful, eloquent and charming.

To top things off, whilst we were on the ice, the music of Serendipity filled the park and as we watched a couple skating, we suddenly realised that we were witnessing a proposal. She said yes. It was possibly the most magical proposal that I have ever seen. Well actually, it is the only one I have ever seen, but still- I would not be complaining if that had been me on the ice.
After pulling ourselves away from Central Park (it was hard I tell you), we stopped off at Magnolia Bakery to which I had the best cupcake of my life. Sorry Sprinkles- Magnolia takes the cake. I had a splores cupcake which absolutely rocked my world. I wish I could have boxed up the taste of that cupcake and taken it with me on my journey. Delightful.
That evening, we headed to Greenwich for dinner and found ourselves at a pub called 'Fiddlesticks'. I am saddened to say that this was the moment that I lost my beret. Unfortunately in all the excitement of the day’s activities, I left my beret in Fiddlesticks. An epic fail on my part. Still, there was nothing that could take away from that Sunday 11 March 2012 and losing my beret was a small price to pay.

Last sighting of my beret. R.I.P

Looking back, it is clear to me that that Sunday will stay with me forever. It was the day that defined New York for me. It made me realise how lucky I was, not just to be in New York, but in general. I fell in love with New York that day and knew that there was no recovering from that feeling. Right then and there, after leaving Central Park, I absolutely knew in my heart that I would have to come back to New York, if only to return to the blissful feeling I experienced on a warm spring Sunday.


  1. ah! fiddlesticks is right around the corner from my old apartment in new york - used to go there ALL the time! your blog is making me want to move back!!!!!!!!

  2. I HAVE to go back. Honestly Amanda I fell for the mighty U S of A. Why did you ever leave?? (haha)