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Thursday, 29 March 2012

When you tire of London, you tire of life [ABM]

It was only six months ago that I was sitting at my desk, contemplating my life, when the thought first occurred. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of upping and leaving to finally discover what the world had to offer.

Three nights later, I had made up my mind that I would be going to America for a holiday. A week later, I decided that that wasn’t enough to quench my thirst for travelling- I needed more. With the help of a few friends, the better half of a bottle of wine and the support of my work, I booked a one way ticket to London.  For the next few months, I was on cloud nine telling anybody who would listen about my exciting plans.  I was going to travel around America, come to London and then spend the next two years of my life, working, travelling and meeting people.

Now the reality has set in and I am here. Look out London.

In the nine days that I have been here, I have gone through a million different emotions. One minute, I am ecstatic and I can’t believe that I’m actually here. The next, I absolutely freak out and can’t believe that I’m actually here. It has certainly taken me a few days to adjust to London (it is a huge city!!) but as I sit here at Starbucks (my local) and look on to St Pauls, I realise that there is absolutely no other place that  I would rather be right now.

I don’t have a permanent job... yet- but there are a few things on the horizon. The most important thing right now is that I’m here, I’m doing it on my own and the world is my oyster (cue inspirational music). I also haven’t got ridiculously lost yet and I have even used the underground tube- on my own! I can get from Waterloo to Piccadilly and back again– no sweat.  

The first day I arrived in London, I was dropped off on Fleet Street with an A to Z map. I don’t know if it was the jet lag or if I was just plain terrified, but the moment I was left alone, I thought I was going to have a mini heart attack. It was so overwhelming being in a strange city and not knowing where anything was. But you know what saved me? In the distance, I saw the Starbucks logo (they are everywhere here) and I headed towards it like a moth to a flame. When I got inside, I instantly felt better. I got a coffee, got my IPod out and just sat there taking it all in. Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling certainly got me through that morning.

Two coffees later, I was good to go and I went on a mission to sort a phone (only twenty pounds!) and a bank account. I then had to work out how to find Cannon Street for my afternoon interview at  a recruitment agency. Of course it will come to no surprise to any of you that right before my interview; I spilt coffee on my carefully selected outfit. But never fear! I found a beloved H & M and spent a bit of time selecting a new outfit (or two).

That first day was a hard one but a good one.  I guess this whole experience (or the week I’ve had so far) has taught me that I can do things on my own and don’t need someone to hold my hand or do it for me (you’re all off the hook!).

It is exciting to sit here and not know where I’ll be in a month or what I’ll be doing.  I have always been a control freak planner, so It is strangely exhilarating to not know what the heck I’m doing.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with the title of my blog entry and something that my Aunt told me the day before I left.  When you tire of London, you tire of life. I am not tired and I cannot wait to see what opportunities London offers me and what I can give her in return.

Tomorrow I will fill you in on how to get a bank account, the best recruitment agencies (in my opinion) and my first official day of work in London.  As usual, there is a story to be told.



  1. OMG is that really me.. ABM... looks like me and that was the quote I told you... *feels so special* It is true though.. when you tire of London, you tire of life... so glad you remembered it. Now go pat my horse in Dover Street oopposite the Dover Str Wine Bar ( better still be there)... perpendicular to The Ritz.. ( thats my horse I rode quite often after being at That wine bar.....

    1. Haha yup your words have stuck with me Anna! I often think about our chat in the car the day before i left. I have held on to every word of advice and it hasn't failed me yet! So thank you.

      I will certainly go to Dover street and tag you in it!

      Hope you and the fam are well :)